Thursday, January 24, 2013

When we wake by Karen Healey

Tegan Oglietti was a normal sixteen year old girl, until she woke up one day and discovered that she has been in cryogenic status for just over a hundred years, that the world she once knew is now dust and memories.  Adjusting to her new world is not easy, there is new technology to master and while the people around her still speak English they also have a confusing amount of slang that means nothing to a teenager from Tegan's time.  As she adjusts to her new world, Tegan comes to realise that things are not as they should be, that the military is keeping secrets from her - the military that owns her because they are the ones that brought her back to life and gave her a new start in their world.

Tegan quickly settles into a new rhythm of life, but she can't quite get used to the bodyguards that follow her everywhere - especially when one of them acts to protect her.  The world Tegan is coming to know is not a land of plenty, it is a country where you can not cross the border unless you are Australian or have a special visa - you can only be an Australian if you are born there.  To make matters worse, there are people who want to see Tegan dead because of what she appears to stand for - for some she is a soul less abomination who should make every effort to return to her god, and for others she needs to be dealt with because she can never be Australian again.

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~ Reviewed by Elspeth Sweetman

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