Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Max and George by Cori Brooke and Sue deGennaro

Max has a friend, George, who lives in windows but nobody else can see him.  Max and George are both shy and usually feel the same way.  But Max has to start school and leave George behind.  Max finds a friend in Sam, and school isn't so scary anymore.  (Don't worry, George finds his own friend, too).  The illustrations are adorable, such a gently retro vibe, and subtle use of collage.

~ Reviewed by Monica Walker

Will Sparrow's Road by Karen Cushman

Will Sparrow runs away from his father, who sold him for beer, and from a sad life.  This is the story of Will's journey, alone, without food or money and how he tries to avoid capture.  Some of the travellers he meets on the way are kind but others trick and cheat him.  The author paints a colourful picture of the Elizabethan fairs Will passes through.

~ Reviewed by Monica Walker