Who we are

We’re a group of experienced, and some qualified, librarians who like to read all sort of things.

We don’t like being judged by our reading choices.

We know that some genre fiction may be formulaic, and have embarrassing covers. But they're not all like that.

We believe that any reading is good reading – as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt people – or result in people getting hurt.

So, join with us in our exploration of all things reading.

Just remember, genre snobs are not allowed...

Meet the crew:
Aud Selene:
“We are now cruising at a level of two to the power of twenty-five thousand to one against and falling, and we will be restoring normality just as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway.” [Hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy, Douglas Adams].

I have been embracing and celebrating my lack of genre snobbery and propensity to read genre for years. There are very few non-genre books on my shelves. I prefer popular fiction - like Nalini Singh, William Shakespeare, Anne McCaffrey, Charles Dickens, Nora Roberts, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robin McKinley, Georgette Heyer, Garth Nix, Julia Quinn, Mo Willems - than struggling my way through the navel-gazing often found in 'quality literary' titles. Just get on with it, and tell me the damn story.

Elspeth Sweetman:
"There's no such thing as 'one, true way'; the only answers worth having are the ones you find for yourself; leave the world better than you found it. Love, freedom, and the chance to do some good -- they're the things worth living and dying for, and if you aren't willing to die for the things worth living for, you might as well turn in your membership in the human race." [Mercedes Lackey]

An avid reader from a young age, I was raised on a reading diet of Ruth Manning Sanders, myths and legends, and some of the great New Zealand authors like Joy Cowley and Maurice Gee. My shelves at home are crowded with the books by Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Wen Spencer, and Tamora Pierce (to name a few) but I also borrow extensively from work where I can easily get my fix of James Patterson and Tess Gerritsen - along with my guilt pleasure of teen fiction. 

I have worked around books for a very long time, enjoy reading and looking at those books that have awesome colour pages including clothing, craft and sometimes even cookbooks. 

I enjoy big people books on travel (always good for planning the next adventure), various genres of fiction (have yet to get my head around science fiction and fantasy). Short stories and kids books are always appealing (especially kids picture books, some of those illustrations are quite engaging). Over the past year have really found the benefits of having an e reader, lots of books for very little weight although I still enjoy the tradition of holding a book and reading aloud to others.

I'm not afraid to own it - I am not a Genre Snob! in fact, what better way to limit yourself than to be prejudice to new experiences. I like to peruse the buffet so to speak. (Not to say that I don't have my favourite's. When I find an author or a series that I like, I will obsessively read until I have devoured all that is available).

When I was about eight, I started at one end of the Myth's and Legends section in the library and made my way to other. These day's with working in a library amongst other things, I tend to have my library card constantly filled to the max with wonderful title's, and I will take little bites here in there, where I can find a moment. Saying that, this blog is a great excuse for me to sit down and actually finish one!

Monica Walker:

Books were made for reading and there is no book I won't try at least once - I may not finish it but I will always give it a good go!  My reviews are short and sweet, but I always mean what I say and say what I mean.  I may not review very often, but when I do I post the reviews here so you can enjoy my eclectic taste in books.

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