Thursday, January 3, 2013

Better than fiction : true travel tales from great fiction writers - edited by Don George

There are times when it is the perfect time to read short stories, on the bus, coffee break time, how many excuses do we need. In this little treasure there are more than 30 stories to enjoy. Reading the first story by Kurt Anderson called 'Going South' had me totally engrossed. You can imagine the Summer of '72, an old school bus and a group of boys .. all the ingredients for an adventure. From there I went to 'Off the beaten track in Malawi' by Marina Lewycka. I look forward to reading anything written by this author and this travel tale was no exception. Looking for a place to stay off the beaten track, this is beautifully written, be taken in by the views, the sunlight and the warmth surrounding you.

Reviewed by ~ Thyme

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