Sunday, December 9, 2012

The crimson thread by Suzanne Weyn

Sometimes the best books are the ones that feel familiar, books that take a story you love and add a little flavour of their own - and that is exactly what you get with The crimson thread by Suzanne Weyn.  Bridget and her family come to the loud and crowded streets of New York from a small village in Ireland, a chance for a fresh start for all of them. 

Nothing is what they expected, everything is crowded and dirty, and even their apartment is cramped and dirty.  They make do and count their blessings, especially when they all find work quickly, but after a problem at their work forces her father and older brothers to leave the rest of the family behind while they find new jobs, it becomes a struggle. 

A new job with a wealthy family seems like a dream come true, especially when Bridget starts to learn new skills that make her a better seamstress - but all those skills count for nothing when her fathers boasting leads her to agree to the impossible.  But somehow it is not impossible, not when she has a guardian angel who seems intent on keeping her safe, although his attention is not without its own terrible price.

The crimson thread is an expert retelling of the classic Rumplestiltskin, and if you will excuse the pun, Suzanne Weyn has taken the threads of the original story and woven a tale that is all her own.  The echo of the original is there, but there is also so much more, and you can't help but cheer for Bertie (as Bridget is soon called) as she manages to make her way through the hazards life and her father put in her way.  A heart warming story that was over much too quickly.

If you enjoyed The crimson thread then you may also enjoy other books in the Once upon a time series by authors including Suzanne Weyn, Cameron Dokey, and Nancy Holder.

~ Reviewed by Elspeth Sweetman

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