Friday, December 14, 2012

Maphead by Ken Jennings

Why I picked this book up: It was in the wrong place!

Why I read it out: I like weird, quirky things and people. And, it sounded intriguing.

Why I finished it: Because it WAS weird, quirky and intriguing. The writing style is personable and relaxed. There’s a mix of topics within the larger theme, which spices it up. Everything from the dearth of geography education and knowledge within American colleges, to why people collect old maps, to the rise of geocaching, to why men might be better navigators* than women, and a lot more besides. And, I’m in a non-fiction reading binge at the moment.

*and, on that topic… check out this episode of Mythbusters

My final verdict: Just what I needed. If you like non-fiction that’s not the norm – give it a go.

~ Reviewed by Aud Selene.

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