Monday, November 26, 2012

A witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton

The move from London to Winter is a culture shock for Anna in more ways than one - she has moved from a big bustling city to a small coastal town, and along the way she has discovered that she is a witch.  Not a fly on a broomstick, stir a big cauldron kind of witch, but rather a power from inside herself kind of witch.  It all come as something of a shock, especially when she finds out by casting a love spell with a group of friends that was a little too successful. 

Now Anna is caught between two factions of witches, and she has no idea which way to turn.  On one hand she has the people who have taken her in, tried to teach her about her powers and to be responsible and careful - and on the other hand there is the group that makes her feel as though there is something they want from her.  Anna will have to make a choice eventually, and there are some people who will do anything to make sure that she makes the "right" choice.

A witch in Winter is the first book in a trilogy, and if this first book is anything to go by it is going to be an explosive series with action, adventure, magic, and a thorough sprinkling of romance to top it off.  Warburton is a fantastic author who has taken a very ordinary little seaside village and turned it into the location of epic battles, ancient mythology, and secret societies bent on control.  A fantastic read that I wanted to finish in one sitting to see what happened next.

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~ Reviewed by Elspeth Sweetman

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