Thursday, November 22, 2012

A is for musk ox by Erina Cabatingan and Matthew Myers

I dare you to pick this one up and read it aloud... with a serious voice and poker face. Never gonna happen...

This is a read aloud with gusto and verve and panache. You will need a couple of voices - either yourself, or with a friend - to truly bring the energy required of this book.

You will need one to be an overwhelmingly pushy / try-hard musk ox (Joseph)... and one to be a put-upon and sarcastic zebra... Most of the text is carried by the musk ox - who manages to make almost every-single-letter fit with the theme of 'musk oxen'... (And, even with those he doesn't use a directly-related-to-musk-oxen-word for... has a link, tenuous, but a link, nonetheless.)

It is funny, and irreverent... it is a perfect read for word lovers. Older children will appreciate the wit and silliness of the whole thing...

So - next up, make up your alphabet about whatever you like, a la A is for musk ox.

Other great alphabet books are... Z is for moose by Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinksy; G is for one gzonk by Tony DiTerlizzi; Alpha oops! by Alethea Kontis and Bob Kolar; The dangerous alphabet by Neil Gaiman and Gris Grimly.

Check out this book trailer...

~ Reviewed by Aud Selene.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have one of my co-workers read this to me like it was a storytime and there are some laugh out loud and roll your eye moments that make it a must read for adults as well as children - a great cross over picture book for the whole framily.