Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cast in peril by Michelle Sagara

8th in the Chronicles of Elantra

Kaylin, private in the Hawks, the Elanatran law force, is torn in so many directions. Her new roommate, Bellusdeo, the last living female dragon is the target of an assassin attempt, which results in the destruction of Kaylin’s apartment.

Then there’s what hatched from the magical egg Kaylin was protecting.

To gain much-needed information in an ongoing investigation, Kaylin is being sent to the Recitation, a Barrani ritual, with little knowledge of what to expect.

Kaylin’s previous decisions have led to a rift between herself and the Barrani Consort. With most of the Barrani High Court against her – if not trying to kill her – it is not a comfortable journey.

Some finagling has allowed Kaylin’s friend and partner, Severn, to travel with her, along with Teela, Barrani Lord and Hawk.

Richly detailed – in characters, landscape, and intrigue – this is a welcome addition to the series that ends with the reader wanting more.

~ Reviewed by Aud Selene.

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